Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All You and Wal Mart, A good Match

A friend told me about the 5.00 coupon in May issue of All You magazine for JMS clothes at Wal Mart. (Just My Size)

Wal Mart will accept the face value of a coupon even if your item costs less than the coupon's worth.  JMS clothing is currently on clearance.  I paid 1.00 for a blouse then bought another May issue of AY ( it's 1.88 this month) a candy bar for a filler  and a Danskin jacket and paid tax only.

I used the 5.00 coupon I got from the 2nd issue and bought another blouse and used the overage on the dog food in my cart.

This trip I got:
2 free blouses
1 free magazine
1 free jacket
2.00 off my dog food

Has anyone else done this at Wal Mart?

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