Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Albertson's in CA, 05/25

Instant savings items are listed on the front page of the flyer you received in the mail.  Buy 10.00 of the instant savings items and receive cash off (.50) of each item. This is a list of all the items that qualify for Instant Savings.  I am not suggesting all of the items are a good deal.  "IS' is printed after the items on this post that are included in this promotion.

Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (.50)
Pillsbury brownies (.50)
Gatorade items, (.50)
Kraft deluxe cheese (.50)
Best Foods mayo (.50), 1.00/3 Q 05/22 Unilever insert
Skippy PB (.50), 1.99 in ad
French's mustard (.50) 1.50 in ad, 1.00/2, 05/15 SS
Clorox select items, (.50)
Large Twizzlers (.50)
Oscar Mayer bologna or cotto (.50)
Ocean Spray 100% Juice (.50)
Hidden Valley ranch dressing (.50)
Country Time or Kool Aid (.50)
Kraft shredded or chunk cheese (.50)
Wisk (.50)
Oscar Mayer bacon (.50)
Coppertone (.50)

Kraft Deluxe American cheese, 2.99 (.50 IS)

Oscar Mayer cotto salami or bologna, 1.99 (.50IS)

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, 1.29, 1.00/1 Q, 05/22 SS (.50 instant savings) FREE

Heinz ketchup, 2/3.00, .25/1 Q, SS, 05/22

Blueberries, 6 oz, .99  GREAT DEAL

Pillsbury brownies, .99, good sui (.50IS)

Sutter Home or Madria Sangria, 4.99

Muenster cheese, 4.99 lb

IBC root beer or cream soda, 3.49 Treat Time!

Van Camp pork and beans, .59 (great sui)

Hebrew National or Ball Park franks, BOGO['categoryId']=&criteria['searchText']=&currentPageNumber=1

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