Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Start a Garden From Seed

The price of fresh produce has been climbing in recent years.  The best defense for many of us is a garden.  Even if you have a patio, a couple of tomato plants and some herbs will help keep food costs down.  How much is up to the gardener.

Last year I started my first garden.  I combined flowers and food in the area around the front and side of the house.  I spent money on seeds - 1.00- at the dollar store.  I also picked up one bag of soil while shopping.

So 2.00, egg cartons, coffee grounds, and egg shells ( for soil enhancement) gave me my start.

I started seeds in paper egg cartons and yogurt cups ( a friend suggested this one) and a lot of love and attention.

The return amazed me.  I made 2 batches of tomato jam and six batches of sauce from the 3 plants that made it through the season.  I also canned 6 jars of bread and butter pickles from the cucumber plants that soaked in the sun from the tulip garden.  There was so much spinach and lettuce that I couldn't use it all and the radishes were a great snack for weeks.

This year, I'll do the same and a bit more.  With another winter's worth of coffe grounds and egg shells, the worm population has increased significantly.  Plants love soil that's been airated by the little workers.

This year I found heirloom seeds at 6/1.00.  I've also been exchanging seeds with friends.  I purchased another bag of soil and the seedlings are sprouting by the deck door.

If you think you may want to start a small garden this year, now's the time to start.  I found some good information to get you started on the most rewarding project of the summer.
How to start a garden from seed.
How to grow tomatoes.
Easiest veggies from seeds.

Good luck and have lots of fun.

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