Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Staples Trip

Some things have changed at Staples.  The current policy had me a bit confused.  I went to Staples with 2 empty ink cartridges.  In the past I received a voucher to use on my purchase that day.  Now I got a receipt that said 0.00 and will get a coupon to spend at Staples when they do a monthly email mailing.  I'm not sure I like this new policy.  It is blatantly for the corporation, not the customer.  To combat this I'm going to check into other ways to recycle my ink cartridges.  Also, Staples use to give 3.00 / cartridge.  They now give 2.00.  The other thing is the manager didn't know what day of the month Staples sends the vouchers.  This really made me uneasy.  And I use my ink to print out the coupons.  I'm thinking....

The Easy Rebate was just that.  I went online to the site that was on the receipt and followed the directions.  The rebate money can go into your PayPal account.  That was convenient.

I also have a rebate coming for 2 battery packs I bought.  20.00 worth.  But again this won't come as cash.  It will be in an email whenever the company emails a batch of  vouchers to use in the store.  But, a separate one from the ink cartridge email.

I don't use Staples that often.  This won't work for me as well as a rebate from another store would.
I just will be careful and not go for these deals any more.  I'll make sure a deal is the Easy Rebate program first.

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