Monday, March 28, 2011

Product Recalls, Buyer Beware

Being a frugalista is all about smart spending.  Researching a product is the first thing we do.  If an item has moving parts or any sort of add on, like shiny buttons, recall research is important.  Especially if the item is for children.

I was surprised to see that Fisher Price had so many products that were recalled.  Over 11 million!  This was a name that, in the past, could be trusted.  Now with manufacturing moved to China, there have been many problems with recalled toys.  Read on.  The entire article of the excerpt that follows can be found at the site at the end of this post.

• Fisher-Price had the most recalls; five notices involved 11.38 million products. Various toys and highchairs were included.
• The largest single recall involved McDonald's Shrek-themed glasses with decals containing cadmium. Twelve million glasses were recalled.
• Items intended for children represented 73 percent of recalled products. There were 177 recalls of children's products, amounting to 54.2 million items.
• Strangulation was the hazard most often associated with the recalled products. That danger was common to all recalls of corded window coverings and of children's outerwear with drawstrings.

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