Thursday, March 10, 2011

Healthy Foods

There are foods that can keep us healthy.  The types tend to change as fads move in and out.  The foods put on this earth for us are not intended to be a fad.  They are here, and have been, for quite a long time.  The following lists foods that are beneficial to our health -  today, tomorrow and yesterday.

1.  Olive oil:  heart health, constipation, sinus infections, skin
2.   Milk:  lower blood pressure, good for brain tissue development, prevent cavities, build strong bones, help control bacterial infections
3.  Honey:  calms nerves, kills bacteria, combat allergic reactions
4.  Apricots:  helps to clean the blood, helps prevent cancer ( beta carotene and vitamin A)
5.  Garlic:  helps to control viruses,arthritis, osteoporosis
6.  Fish:  heart health, can lower LDL cholesterol

Source:  09/10 Examiner

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