Friday, December 10, 2010

Walgreens Money Maker

There's a money maker  deal at Walgreen's for wrapping paper.  Clip the .50 coupon for Hallmark wrapping paper.  Wrapping paper is BOGO this week at Walgreens, so 2 rolls will cost 1.49. with the coupon.

Add to that a register reward for 5.00 if you buy 2 rolls of paper and 4 tissue paper at .33 each, and you've got a great money maker.

Steal Deal

2 rolls paper @ 1.99
Q .50  (1.49)
4 tissue .33 (1.32)

Total 2.81

RR 5.00 ( always read the fine print)

Money maker + 2.19

You can try to print out 2 .50 coupons.  If this works for you then the money maker goes up to 2.69.

You can find additional information at looking in the weekly circular.  Make sure you check out their coupon policy, too.  I don't have trouble at Walgreen's, but some ladies do have to get a manager who knows the coupon policies.  Walgreen's tends to have a lot of exceptions which frustrate me.  So I normally don't go here.  I don't mind working for my deals, I just don't think stressing over them is very healthy.

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