Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday's Frugal Journey to Financial Freedom

I can't think of a time in the year that's busier than December for women.  There's so much organizing, shopping and activity.  In recent years we have been told to streamline the holidays.  I am in total agreement and have been since I wrote an article for a local newspaper in the early 90s.  The streamlined version has become our new tradition. 

There is something, however, I'm going to ask you to add this year.  Take a few minutes with your kiddos and ask them to help you pick out some food in the cupboard to donate to the local food pantry.  Maybe 2 cans chosen by each of you.  If there is another adult in the house, waiting until this can be done as a family is a great idea.  Gather up the finds and, as a family, take them to the local pantry or church.

You can begin by having the kiddos decorate a box to transport them in.  Or a simple card.

This is a creative activity, but has a couple of other side effects.  You get to take a breather from the holiday rush and the kiddos are on the road to becoming  aware of their community and how they fit in it.  Hearts grow too!

How does this fit into the frugal journey?  A wise man once said to give and it is returned 10 fold.

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