Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Time to Think About Filling Christmas Stockings

Most families that celebrate Christmas include stockings filled with goodies in their traditional gift cache.   This year our kid's stockings will be filled for the grandchildren rather than the adult child.

Since I've been wondering what to put into the stockings I am reminded of what we filled them with when our kids were young.  There were no dollar stores then so we had to be prudent, but with the advent of dollar stores we can go wild.

Here are some suggestions to get your thoughts flying:

Zero - 1 year old.   Parent's pick.  They really aren't aware of what a tradition is.

A huge orange
coloring / activity book
matchbox cars
Barbie clothes
candy that they can never have during the year (those huge suckers come to mind)
dollar gift certificates for french fries at a fast food place (the 21st century treat)
a huge wrapped sugar cookie with a theme cutout (cars, dolls, etc)
'designer' socks
'get out of jail free' coupon(s), they don't have to do a chore when they hand this in
coupon for 2 stories read to them before bed
recipe for their favorite snack and an invitation to help prepare it
coupon for staying up 1/2 hour longer on a Friday night ( I wouldn't give too many of these.  A child will usually get up at their normal time on Saturday  feeling the effects on Sunday, and sleeping later then)

All of these suggestions can be had for 1.00 or free.

If you have any ideas or traditions to pass on to the readers, I encourage you to add them in the comment section.  I am always willing to learn.

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