Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sign Up for Angie's to be Delivered to Your Inbox

At the bottom of each page I have added a feature where you can sign up for Angie's to be delivered to your email inbox.  I tried this feature out on my email and 2 of my daughters'.  It works great.

It's simple.  Sign up with your email address, then you will get a confirmation email.  Click on the accept bar and Angie will come to you.  No more chasing her!

So sign up and Angie will be right there for you every morning that there are posts, waiting to enjoy the first cup of coffee with you.

Also, if you have an extra minute, you can sign up to be a follower in the side bar.  Doing this just makes me feel good and gives me a new incentive to keep moving forward with Angie's House.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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