Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Money Savings on The Food Budget

We know coupons and sales reduce the cost of feeding our families.  There's been a lot of attention to these strategies lately.  To add to this, I have made a list of things that I do to further brings down the costs.  They are easy things to do with little time or energy spent.

1.  A big thing that was happening at our house was I was over buying fresh fruits and veggies.  I saw what was happening and have reduced the amount I buy.  For instance I would purchase a pound or more of grapes.  Neither of us are big eaters and 1/2 of them would go bad.  So now I buy 1/2 of the amount of each item. 
2.  I buy what is in season or on sale.  Winter is celery and carrots whether it's on sale or not.  Both of these are a good deal.  I cut them up and have them for snacks.  There's no need to be fancy to eat well.
3.  Hard boiled eggs and egg salad for lunches or breakfast.
4.  Walnuts are inexpensive, per serving.  A hard boiled egg, a handful of walnuts and fruit of some sort makes a good breakfast.  Oatmeal  is yummy too.  You can mix cinnamon and sugar in a jar or swirl jam into it for the kiddos.
5.  Keep a clean refrigerator.  Use those leftovers or freeze them for soups.
6.  Have a light night.  Tomato soup and grilled cheese with a side of fruit is good.  Buy the soup on sale and stock up long enough for it to last through the store cycle.
7.  Use tuna in dishes.
8.  Know what you have in the cupboards so you use them before the expiration date.
9.  The good old watch the sales and match them with coupons thing is always good to do.  It doesn't have to be extreme.  Any dollar saved is in your pocket, not someone else's  You can clip coupons during the ads of a good program.
10.  Donate.  It has great karma.  You'll be surprised what comes back to you.
11.  While you are cooking, serve a healthy snack like cheese and crackers or a sliced apple - or both.  The portions you'll need for dinner will be smaller.

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